Here's how Timininous helps preserve our planet

The preservation of our planet, our beautiful playground, is at the heart of Timininous' mission.

I believe that as an entrepreneur, I can have a positive impact and inspire other people to dare to embody the change they would like to see in the world.

This is why each of the decisions taken since the very beginnings of the brand are reflected in this direction.

I want to be clear and transparent: I am far from perfect and I am aware that there is still a long way to go. But, I found it important to communicate the small actions that I am already taking and also my intentions in the short and medium term to always improve the eco-responsible practices of my company.

In my eyes, every little action counts and can have an impact!

Choice of materials

First of all, the choice of merino wool for the majority of our products is not insignificant. I always say it: it's a fiber with super magical powers, but above all, it's a material that is natural, renewable and biodegradable.

In addition, the wool we use is cruelty-free and has obtained certifications to attest to this.

Accessories in other natural materials such as linen and organic cotton will soon be integrated into our collections!

Scalable sizes

The durability of our clothes is a priority. That's why I chose to create clothes with scalable sizes that last much longer than traditional sizes. Because these little beasts are growing way too fast! ;)

Neutral and classic colors

The colors chosen for our collections are neutral and classic so that they stand the test of time and can be worn by a little boy as well as a little girl.

Local manufacturing

I am proud that our merino wool clothing and accessories are made right here in Quebec and that they have obtained the "Made in Quebec" certification mark. For me, this was a priority not only from an environmental point of view, but also to promote Quebec know-how and to encourage the local economy by making it possible to create or maintain jobs at We.

To be transparent, local manufacturing is an expensive choice for a company… For me, it's a well-considered decision. But it comes with a lot of challenges. (Scarcity of labour, closures of companies in the textile sector, etc.).

However, Quebec has long been a hub for the textile and clothing manufacturing industry.

A large part of this expertise has been lost over the years and I would wholeheartedly wish that this sector be revalued and that it regain its letters of nobility.

Local suppliers

When you buy from Timininous, you encourage a dozen other Quebec companies. For me, it was essential to do business at home to prioritize our economy and have as many short circuits as possible.

I am proud that more than 95% of my company's suppliers are Quebecers or Canadians.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. This is a real concern for me. It is for this reason that I want to reduce as much as possible the textile waste from our productions by recycling our scraps.

This desire gave birth to the Empreinte collection and its products made from our scraps.


I encourage my customers to take care of their clothes, to repair them and then to share them with other mini adventurers.

Shipping material

The shipping material used is recyclable and/or compostable and our packaging is minimalist and plastic-free.

Reusable shipping bag

For an additional $3.99, our customers have the option of opting for a reusable shipping bag from Pick Pack, another great Quebec company. By returning the bag for free, users get $5 off their next order.

Ecological printing

We do business with an ecological printing company that prints our labels, business cards and promotional cards on recycled paper in Quebec.

Seeded map

In our packages, we offer a thank you card seeded with wildflowers. The idea was to be able to give a second life to a card that often ends up in recycling.

Carbon-neutral shipments

We offer a carbon-neutral delivery service by bicycle or electric car for customers in the central districts of Quebec City ( Limoilou, Montcalm, Saint-Sacrement, Saint-Roch, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Sillery , Vanier, Old Quebec) as well as those of the inner suburbs ( Beauport-Sud, Charlesbourg-Sud, Duberger-Les-Saules, Lebourgneuf-Sud, Sainte-Foy.)

For every order made with Shop Pay, the carbon emissions of shipping are offset.


We do not print packing slips or paper invoices. Everything is digital and our invoices are sent by email.

Reuse and second hand

The furniture in our warehouse is made from recycled or second-hand materials.

Other actions are to come in the short and medium term. Here are some intentions:

  • Join 1% for the planet

1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by the owner of the Patagonia clothing brand, Yvon Chouinard. The organization encourages companies to donate at least 1% of their annual turnover to non-profit environmental organizations, with the aim of helping to protect and preserve the planet.
  • Offset shipments that are not carbon neutral

Whether through Carbone Boréal, a reforestation company that allows businesses and individuals to offset their GHG emissions by planting trees in Quebec's boreal regions, or through Planetair, which finances GHG reduction projects around the world, such as the production of renewable energy and the protection of biodiversity.
  • Launch a second-hand platform 

Oh yes :)
  • Continue to innovate to revalorize fabric scraps

Lots of ideas simmering!
  • Establishment of a repair service and elaboration of a guarantee

Pilot project underway!

So this is it! So far, this is my humble way of helping to bequeath a rich and bountiful playground for future generations of mini adventurers!

Do you have any other ideas of actions that it would be interesting to take to improve our practices?

Marie-Renée, founder of Timininous