Timininous is committed to protecting our oceans

The oceans play a crucial role in our environment, our economy and our quality of life. It is therefore imperative to take care of these precious ecosystems by adopting responsible and sustainable behaviors to preserve marine biodiversity.

On this World Oceans Day, I wanted to get involved, in order to contribute to the preservation of our oceans.

This is why I decided to donate $1 to the Ocean Wise Association for each item sold from our Ocean collection .

I also propose concrete actions that we can undertake individually to protect the ocean and preserve its biodiversity.

Reduce single-use plastic

One of the biggest threats to our oceans is plastic pollution. Single-use plastics, such as bags, bottles and straws, account for a large part of this pollution. As consumers, we can make a difference by reducing our use of single-use plastic. Every little gesture counts and helps preserve the fragile balance of our oceans.

Clean the banks

Another simple, but effective action that we can take is to participate in or organize bank cleaning operations. Trash accumulated on beaches and shores is washed away by the tides and often ends up in the ocean, causing irreparable damage to marine flora and fauna. By acting together, we can preserve the natural beauty of our coasts and protect the marine life that depends on them.

Opt for natural clothing

Did you know that the textile industry is also responsible for polluting our oceans? Synthetic clothing, such as polyester or nylon, for example, releases plastic microparticles when machine washed. These tiny fragments of plastic eventually reach waterways and oceans, where they have devastating effects on marine biodiversity.

Small plastic fragments are ingested by many marine species, from the smallest like plankton to the largest like sea turtles and marine mammals. Traces have even been found in the human body!

According to a study by Ocean Wise , no less than 878 tonnes of micro plastic particles are released into the environment each year in Canada and the United States. That's the equivalent of the weight of 10 blue whales!

To help protect the ocean, choose natural and organic clothing, such as wool, organic cotton or linen. By choosing natural fibers, you will reduce the amount of plastic released into the environment.

We all have a role to play in preserving our beautiful biodiversity!

To find out more about the actions of the Ocean Wise Association or if you want to get involved click here .