To put an end to cold feet: here are 8 tips to keep little feet warm

We know that too often, babies and toddlers quickly get frostbitten feet in the winter.

Here are some tips to keep our minis' feet warm throughout the winter season!

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1. Avoid cotton stockings

Cotton stockings tend to retain moisture, which can make feet feel cold, especially in cold weather. Instead, choose socks made of wool or insulating synthetic fibers. These materials retain heat while wicking away moisture, keeping your little ones' feet dry and comfortable.

2. Opt for merino wool fleece socks

Merino wool is the ultimate solution for keeping your little ones' feet warm. Our merino wool fleece socks provide exceptional insulation while being soft and breathable. Merino wool naturally regulates temperature , preventing overheating while ensuring constant warmth. By investing in quality stockings, you guarantee not only warmth, but also the well-being of your little explorers.

Our 5-8 stockings are suitable for children aged approximately 1 year to 3 years. Size 8-11 fits toddlers approximately 3 years old to 5 years old.

For babies who are not yet walking, we recommend our knitted merino wool socks which are thick and warm!

3. Always keep a spare pair of socks

Snow may get into your little ones' boots or they may get too hot in their boots, which can cause moisture. This is why it is very useful to always have a spare pair of socks. Changing damp socks for dry pairs will go a long way in keeping feet warm.

4. Improve insulation with alpaca insoles

Well-insulated feet are the key to protecting your little ones from the winter cold. We recommend using alpaca soles which are not only light and soft, but also offer exceptional thermal insulation. Made in Quebec by Alpagadore, using wool from their own alpaca farm, these insoles keep feet warm without compromising freedom of movement. Paired with our merino wool fleece socks , they create an unrivaled warmth barrier for worry-free winter adventures.

5. Opt for boots that are not too tight

The choice of boots is essential to ensure both warmth and comfort for your little ones' feet. Boots that are too tight can impede blood circulation and cause cold toes. Make sure your kids have enough room to wiggle their toes while wearing thick socks and even insoles. Waterproof, insulated boots are a must to protect feet from winter humidity.

6. Wear a merino wool base layer

For additional protection against cold feet, we recommend wearing our merino wool suit with your feet and hands closed, which creates a little cocoon of warmth. The thermal suit is also an interesting solution because the pants can help maintain heat around the ankles and calves, preventing the cold from seeping in.

7. Encourage movement to boost circulation

It is important to stimulate blood circulation in little ones who are not yet moving to help keep feet warm. Take regular breaks to perform gentle movements with your baby's legs and feet. Gently flex and stretch their legs to encourage blood circulation. Before and during the activity, take the time to gently massage your baby's feet. This can help stimulate blood circulation and prevent any feeling of cold. Use gentle circular motions on the feet and calves.

8. The magic of Hot Poc

To provide instant warmth on the coldest days, slip a Hot Poc hand warmer into your child's snowsuit for continuous warmth. Compact and easy to use, Hot Poc Pouches are an essential addition to your little one's winter wardrobe. Plus, they are reusable! Just boil them and they are ready to be used again a hundred times!

In conclusion, the key to avoiding frozen little feet is to make sure you dress your little ones well without making them too tight! With merino wool fleece socks, alpaca insoles and using the warmth of Hot Poc, you guarantee complete protection against frozen little feet! By opting for a merino wool base layer, you have everything you need to keep your little ones comfortable during cold winter weather . Make the most of the winter season with your minis, by investing in the best merino wool clothing and accessories for children!