Precious merino wool is recognized in particular for its softness and its many properties which make it so comfortable and efficient.

Here are plenty of reasons why merino wool is magical:

1) It is renewable

Unlike synthetic fibers which are produced from fossil fuels, merino wool is a renewable natural resource .

Merino sheep produce a new fleece every year . A single sheep can produce between 4 to 5 pounds of wool per year. The latter is delicately sheared by hand .

2) It is 100% biodegradable

When buried in the ground, merino wool biodegrades within a few months and turns into nutrients like nitrogen, carbon and sulfur that enrich the soil .

3) It absorbs and wicks away moisture

Merino wool is one of the most absorbent fibers available . It can absorb a very large amount of moisture, up to 35% of its own weight, before a sensation of humidity is felt on the skin.

It must also be said that merino wool naturally wicks away moisture and sweat, which keeps the skin dry! Moisture escapes in the form of vapor through the pores of the wool fibers.

4) It regulates body temperature

Since it is an active fiber, merino wool reacts to changes in body temperature and keeps it at a stable temperature !

Unlike cotton or synthetic fibers, merino wool fibers are intelligent and naturally form air cushions that store heat and create thermal insulation . Thanks to its evacuation capabilities, it keeps you cool and dry when it's hot and provides gentle warmth when it's cold .

5) It is easy to maintain

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, merino wool can be worn several times without being washed .

Its fibers have a protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed and, just like moisture, it also wicks away odors .

Since it does not create static electricity, it accumulates less dust than other synthetic fibers.

More adventures, more explorations and less washing! We love it (and the planet too!)

Generally, merino wool can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in cold water . It can also be machine dried at low temperature .

However, we recommend drying your Timininous clothes and accessories flat, in the open air . Plus, merino wool dries very quickly!

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6) It improves the quality of sleep

Wearing merino wool nightwear would have beneficial effects on sleep, particularly due to its thermoregulatory properties.

According to various studies , wearing merino wool helps you fall asleep faster , sleep longer and have deeper sleep compared to sleepwear made with other fibers.

7) She is ultra soft

Merino wool has incomparable fineness and softness . We are light years away from traditional wool which itches!

Merino wool fiber is so fine that it is one-third the diameter of a human hair. That's really tiny!

8) It is beneficial for the skin

Merino wool has surprising benefits for the skin. Studies have shown that it can significantly reduce the symptoms of people suffering from eczema , including babies.

Additionally, despite some beliefs, it is extremely rare for a person to be allergic to merino wool.

9) It protects against UV rays

Another excellent reason to adopt merino wool in the summer: it is excellent protection against the sun since its fibers absorb ultraviolet (UV) rays!

It offers a protection factor against UV rays varying between 20 to 50, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

10) It is durable

Merino wool is a sustainable fiber that lasts 50% longer than cotton products. For comparison, merino wool fiber is 6 times stronger than cotton.

Merino wool can be folded over 20,000 times while cotton fiber breaks after being folded 3200 times.

In addition, the production of merino wool is much more water-efficient than the production of cotton. It takes 10,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton compared to 800 liters to produce the same quantity of merino wool.

11) It is fire resistant

Merino wool is naturally flame retardant , meaning it won't melt or generally catch fire ! For merino wool to catch fire, temperatures varying between 570 to 600°C would have to be reached.

In comparison, cotton ignites at 255°C, polyester melts between 252 and 292°C and nylon catches fire at temperatures varying between 160 and 260°C.

12) She is elastic

Merino wool has natural elasticity . This allows clothes to stretch and easily return to their original shape.

Each fiber is like a little spring. It is therefore naturally resistant to creases .

You see, merino wool is simply extraordinary, from sleep to summits!

However, there are different grades of merino wool which determine its quality and characteristics. Discover in this article how to understand the aspects to take into account when choosing the right merino wool.