Here's how to wash merino wool

Pro guide to taking care of your little pieces

Merino wool is an extraordinary fiber with many magical powers including being self-cleaning !

And yes, you read that right!

In fact, merino wool has a protective layer which prevents stains from being absorbed into the fiber. Just gently wash the stain with a cloth dampened in soapy water (either with mild detergent or, even better, detergent for wool) and you're done!

Moreover, she wicks away moisture, but also odors .

Since it generally does not create static electricity, it accumulates less dust than other synthetic fibers.

This means that your mini adventurers can wear their Timininous clothes and accessories several times before being washed.

More adventures, and less washing. Saving time, water and energy, we like that (and the planet too!)

When the time has come to wash your Timininous clothes and accessories, nothing could be simpler!

Here is a very simple little guide to keep your little merino pieces for a long time:

1) Machine wash warm. (NEVER HOT WATER!)

All Timininous garments and accessories are machine-safe in lukewarm water.

It is recommended to turn clothes and accessories inside out before washing them.

As an added precaution, you can place your pieces in a delicate laundry bag .

2) Use a mild detergent or, even better, a detergent for wool

Any type of mild detergent is suitable for washing merino wool.

But we recommend using our Eucalan detergent .

It is a natural and biodegradable soap. It's soft soft soft, non-toxic and phosphate-free, so perfect for your minis and for the planet.

In addition, it is enriched with lanolin, a natural fat found in the wool of sheep. Lanolin extends the life of your woolen garments in addition to restoring their original qualities (softness, suppleness, elasticity, impermeability, resistance to odors, antibacterial properties).

Click here to learn more about our Eucalan detergent .

3) Do not bleach

To care for merino wool, never use bleach or fabric softener .

Do not put in the dryer

4) Do not put in the dryer (ideally!)

It is possible to put your merino wool clothes and accessories in the tumble dryer without heat .

BUT, we strongly recommend air-drying them to prolong their lifespan, and thereby reduce your environmental footprint.

Dry flat

5) Dry flat

The best way to dry merino wool garments and accessories is to air dry them flat.

Pro tip : Avoid hanging them or stretching them on a clothesline in the sun, as this could warp them.

By the way, merino wool dries really fast! We like that!

Iron at low temperature

6) Iron at low temperature

Timininous garments can be ironed at low temperature , ideally turned inside out , to remove wrinkles.

We recommend using a garment steamer for best results .

Pro tip: hanging your merino wool clothes on a hanger in the bathroom while taking a shower gives excellent results!

And There you go! That's it!