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Timininous is the little name we gave to our baby when I was pregnant, because we wanted to keep his gender a surprise!

In July 2021, my life changed.

I gave birth to a baby boy named Jules.
I didn't know it yet at that time, but I too had just been (re)born.
I knew the birth of my baby was going to change my life. But I was far from imagining how much my life would change for the better.
In fact, my worldview and my priorities have completely changed.

I wanted to be able to make a difference to bequeath a better world to my child. I also wanted to align my life with my values.

The click                     

It was in November 2021, during a trip to Portugal, that the idea of ​​Timininous began to unconsciously take shape in my head.

Traveling across the country from South to North, we were surprised by the temperature differences.

One day, we were hiking under a blazing sun, while the next day, only a few hours away, further north, we were wearing our down jackets!
I was constantly concerned about my baby's comfort.
Was he too hot? Was he cold?
I thought he would be so good in thermal merino wool clothes like ours, which could regulate his body temperature. 

get started

Back home, as winter approached, I started looking for a merino wool base layer to take Jules on cross-country skiing. I wanted to be able to equip it like us, to enjoy our outings without always worrying that it would be too cold.

To my surprise, I couldn't find almost anything on the market that suited my needs. However, I told myself that I was certainly not the only mother looking for this type of clothing for her child!

That's how I knew I had to go! And if I created myself the clothes and accessories that I was looking for so much for my child!

The idea made its way into my head and a few months later, I decided to jump into the void by leaving my job to make this vision a reality!

The name

When I had the idea of ​​creating my own brand of merino wool clothing and accessories for mini adventurers, I knew immediately that it would be called Timininous .

Timininous is the little name we gave to our baby when I was pregnant because we decided to keep his gender a surprise.

So it was our “little mini us”, an expression that quickly turned into Timininous !

Just like us, our mini adventurers need to be well equipped to play outside winter and summer!


By creating my company, I absolutely wanted to put forward values ​​that are dear to me.

All merino wool clothing and accessories are carefully handcrafted in Quebec, from merino wool, an eco-responsible fiber, of incomparable finesse and softness, whose thermoregulatory properties create a real small cocoon for those who wear it, keeping warm when it's cold and cool and dry when it's hot!

It was essential for me that the clothes be made here in Quebec and I did not want to compromise on the quality of the wool that I was going to use. It is therefore certified to guarantee animal welfare, environmental integrity, social responsibility, traceability, but above all fiber quality.

Versatile clothing

Timininous base layers are designed to be worn not only as thermal clothing, but also as pajamas, all year round, whatever the season.

Also, since merino wool is expensive, I wanted the investment to be worth it. This is why our clothes and accessories are adaptable, which allows toddlers to wear them much longer than a traditional cut... because these little creatures grow up quickly! I wanted the clothes to grow with the minis to make the comfort last!

It was also important for me, always with a concern for durability, to choose neutral colors and to pay particular attention to the design so that they stand the test of time.

Consume less, but better

One of the fundamental values ​​of my company is to offer an alternative to parents to consume less, but better, by choosing products that are sustainable, scalable, respectful of the environment and above all, made locally and ethically in Quebec.

All the decisions of my company are oriented to preserve our beautiful playground for generations of mini adventurers to come.

Thanks for being part of the adventure!

Marie-Renée, founder of Timininous