5 practical tips for camping with children

Going camping with a baby or children can seem like a big challenge, but with good planning and a few practical tips, you can create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors. Here are some essential tips for a successful camping vacation with your little ones.

1) Check your equipment before leaving

First, before you leave, it's a good idea to inspect your equipment and make sure everything is functional and nothing is forgotten.

Before leaving, it can be fun to set up the tent in your backyard and spend a night there to introduce the little ones.

2) Plan and be organized

Camping with young children requires planning and good organization.

One of the ways to find your way is to divide your equipment into different identified storage bins. It saves a lot of time!

We know that life as parents goes quickly! That’s why we created a camping checklist . This practical checklist will make organizing your camping vacation easier.

You can download and print it here so you don't forget anything !

3) Set up well and choose your location

The ideal is to arrive before dark so that you can settle in while it is still light. This will also allow you to tour the site with the children, spotting the toilet blocks and play areas.

It is wise to analyze the campsite map beforehand to select a shady location (which will make naps easier!) and cooler. Opting for a site not very far from the toilet block is also a good tip. Some campsites offer family showers which are larger and practical to go with our little ones.

If the weather forecast is rainy, don't forget to bring a tarpaulin with ropes to protect your tent and/or picnic table from the rain.

A mosquito net tent can also be very practical for cooking or playing protected from mosquitoes.

A large blanket with a waterproof side can also be very useful for inside the tent, to avoid humidity or for playing outside.

Bring a floor mattress or inflatable mattress for more comfort. Depending on the age of your children, a solar tent or a travel playpen can also be good allies.

4) Bring appropriate clothing

When going camping with children, it is essential to dress them properly and bring plenty of changes of clothes. Temperatures can drop at night, so pack warmer clothing.

Merino wool clothing is ideal when camping as it offers excellent thermal regulation, meaning your children will stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Merino wool base layers are therefore essential items to take for camping, and even hiking.

For slightly cooler evenings around the fire,fleecy merino wool is the most comfortable. You can layer it over merino wool base layers .

And for sleeping while camping, a merino wool sleeping bag will ensure a peaceful and comfortable night for little ones.

Don't forget merino wool socks for nighttime and hiking.

Plus, merino wool is self-cleaning, so there's no need to wash it often. It's perfect on vacation! We also offer a travel-size care kit that allows you to do your laundry by hand while camping without rinsing. It's really practical !

Finally, a tip for generating pleasant warmth in your sleeping bag on colder nights is to opt for Hot Pocs hand warmers . Additionally, they are reusable and easy to use. They are truly a must-have for outdoor adventures!

5) Plan meals prepared in advance and plenty of snacks!

Having snacks ready to eat and some food already prepared can make your camping trip a lot easier. You can prepare spaghetti sauces, chili, sandwiches, fresh vegetables, etc. This will save you time on site and allow you to enjoy these moments with your family more.

Don’t hesitate to download our checklist so you don’t forget anything while camping !